Thursday, August 16, 2012

Julia Child


Congratulations for one of the best revolutionary women in the world! JULIA CHILD! The woman who took the french cook style to the Unided States and who yesterday , August 15,  should have been turning 100 years old. What a life she had and ...

Ps. For the ones that haven't seen the movie "Julie&Julia" please watch it!  it is a beautiful movie that takes to the old times when Julia was just discovering her amazing talent! Totaly recomend it!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Natural Passion


This beautiful video shows the natural essential of different types of girls and the environment that surround them. Artists or activistis, these girls try to show what they like the most with such passion that motivates anyone. They dont mind where it is or when they just love what they do and aren't afraid to demostrate it. 
How beautiful!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It all comes to an end...


After having 3 amazing months of vacations it finally has come to an end. This is my las week before starting school and my plans are hitting on getting relaxed and enjoy the must of every beautiful day, because once I am back free time will be gone. Hope can get done everything I want to do for this week.

Great week everyone!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Peplum and Stripes


Today, Atlantic-Pacific delighted us with a perfect glamorous outfit to start the week. The structure of the skirt, with soft pink stripes, its just beautiful. Plus, combined with a white peplum top and pink gliter flats! 

Photo from the blog Atlantic-Pacific

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Become Addicted!

Dior Addictions


Delicate and Beautiful! 
These two words are the ones that best describe the 2012 Spring-Summer collection. I've definitely become addicted to these beautiful dresses!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Tea Time in Australia?

 The T2 Tea Houses

Tienda de té australiana
( © Kissesfromaustralia)

(T2 Tea)

For any busy day a cup of tea is the best companion and even more if you take it on a place like this!.
For me the T2 tea houses enter on my list of places I must visit.
Imagine entering at the tea house and smell all the parfums of every type of tea you can imagine! oh Heaven!...
So,  if you are a tea lover like me and one day you go to Australia, don't miss visiting this amazing place, I am sure you wont regreat it.

Para cualquier día pesado, una taza de té es la mejor compañía y qué mejor si se toma en un lugar como este. Para mí las casas de té "T2"  entran en mi lista de lugares que debo conocer. 
Imagínense entrar en estas casas y oler el asombroso aroma de todo tipos de té que se puedan imaginar. ¡Oh Cielos!...
Entonces, si son unos amantes del té como yo y algún día van a Australia, no falten en visitar este maravilloso lugar, estoy segura que no se arrepentirán. 

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tasting the vacations


(Drawing by Me)


Live The Language


For this summer my next stop will be VANCOUVER! a beautiful place that I am very excited to meet. The Rocky Mountains, Downtown, Victoria, Capilano Bridge and Grouse Mountain are just a few points I am planning to visit. As I'll be staying there for a month I want to see EVERYTHING, well, at least get as far as my feet can reach. Right now I'm looking for the most amazing places that I must visit!
So, because I want to share that excitement with the whole world, I am posting a video about Vancouver. It is directed by Gustav Johansson  and it was made for the EF International Language Center.
Have a lovely day everyone!

Para este verano, mi siguiente parada será VANCOUVER! un lugar hermoso que estoy muy emocionada de conocer. Las Montañas Rocosas, El centro, Victoria, Puente de Capilano y Grouse Mountain son sólo algunos de los puntos que estoy planeando visitar. Como voy a  permanecer allí durante un mes, quiero ver TODO, bueno, al menos llegar tan lejos a donde mis pies puedan alcanzar. Ahora mismo estoy en busca de los lugares más increíbles que no puedo faltar por visitar!
Ahora, como quiero compartir esta emoción con todo el mundo, he puesto un video acerca de Vancouver. Está dirigida por Gustav Johansson y fue hecho por el Centro Internacional de Idiomas EF.
Tengan un día encantador!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

CHANEL Little Black Jacket


"The Chanel Jacket is a man's jacket which has become a typically feminine piece. It has crossed that boundary. It has become the symbol of a certain feminine elegance, nonchalant and timeless, wich means for all time." - Karl Lagerfeld
One word: Fascinating 

"La chaqueta Chanel, es una chaqueta de hombre que se ha convertido en una pieza típica femenina. Ha cruzado esta frontera. Se ha convertido en un símbolo de elegancia femenina, de despreocupación y atemporal, lo que significa  para todo tiempo"-Karl Lagerfeld
Una palabra: Fascinante 

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